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Independent hearing care specialists within St Andrews Business Centre in Mold

Passionate about Helping People with Hearing Loss

We offer a range of hearing care services including ear cleaning, hearing tests, tinnitus support and a bespoke hearing aid service.

Our Services

Ear Wax Removal

Using the safe and comfortable process of microsuction, our experienced clinician will examine your ear prior to treatment before delicately removing any blockage using a fine, low pressure suction device.

Hearing Aids

Our risk free hearing aid trials help you transition to hearing aids, ensuring the right technology works for you, prior to purchase. We tailor the service to your unique hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus can have a huge impact on your everyday life. A consultation with our experienced hearing clinicians can help you discover what’s causing your tinnitus and help you to find relief.

Why Choose Us?


We’re an independent, family owned business that has been serving the local community for over 60 years.

Bespoke Service

We tailor our services to each individual, ensuring you get the correct hearing treatment for your unique hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

Competitive Pricing

As a small business we buy directly from hearing aid manufacturers, meaning we can often offer more competitive prices than the national brands.

Mold Hearing Clinic

As the longest established, independent hearing care specialist in North Wales, we now offer all hearing services in our clinic within St Andrews Business Centre in Mold.

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